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Why is Workflow so Important?

In the past, companies benefited greatly from economies of scale, that is, the reduction of production costs that is achieved with increased output. These economies were possible because companies typically manufactured large quantities of standard products for relatively large and stable consumer groups. However, economies of scale are becoming less important in today’s marketplace, due in large part to the increasing fragmentation of the consumer base. With so many products available, customers are more discriminating than ever and often expect highly complex services to go with the products that they purchase.

As a result, the definition of productivity as it relates to business success is changing rapidly and radically. Productivity is no longer defined simply as creating more with less. Increasingly, value is linked not only to sheer output but to innovation, or the ability to correctly anticipate and creatively respond to new and changing market opportunities. Today, a keen competitive advantage is enjoyed by those organizations with the flexible business infrastructures and tools in place to quickly develop new products and services and continuously outperform the time to market of their competitors.

The dependence of today’s business enterprises on innovation and fast delivery of product cannot be overestimated. With the new emphasis on relentless innovation and the advantages that it breeds, successful companies are constantly searching for ways to reshape their corporate structures and streamline their business processes.

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Workflow Management Streamlining Your Business

Goods and services must be produced both faster and smarter through teamwork and efficiency. Only those companies with innovative staff, products, services, and short development cycles will prosper.

Workflow management, a strategy for automating business processes, is a powerful tool for translating the collaborative vision into real-world business applications with clear and measurable paybacks. The aim of workflow management is to streamline the components of various office systems by eliminating unnecessary tasks (and the costs associated with the performance of those tasks) and automating the remaining tasks in a process.

Workflow management is the effective application of information technologies to internal business processes in order to accelerate the collaborative and creative processes that drive innovation. The goal of workflow software technology is the creation of a single environment for managing the complexities multiple-office automation environments. As software has moved from individualized solutions with dedicated functionality to integrated groupware solutions, workflow has evolved as a metaphor for the efficient coordination of multiple workgroups using multiple technologies.

Most workflow products support two basic functions:

  • Tools for mapping business processes, which might be defined sets of routes, roles, and rules for the movement of documents and tasks.
  • Implementation of those business processes through linkages with a company’s computer network, shared databases, and email systems, so that information can flow through the organization at a controlled and efficient pace.

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