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Pastel Evolution solutions – add-ons solutions packed with exciting new features

Pastel EvolutionAre you wanting to going beyond the product’s capability? Are you finding it a challenge to extend your ERP functionality to meet your demanding business requirements ? If so, do study our add-on applications for Pastel Evolution, all seamlessly integrated to Pastel evolution (via the SDK). Being a third-party approved developer for Pastel all our add-ons have passed the most strigent tests demanded by the vendor.  

Developed within the Pastel Evolution framework (utilising the SDK), all components and modules in the Evolution add-on range are fully integrated to the ERP. By not deviating from the business rules enforced by the SDK – the latter ensures these add-on maintain the integrity of the existing Pastel Evolution business logic when they ‘talk’ to the database.They also share a common interface, thus providing a consistent user experience. Microsoft’s SQL server database ensures data integrity and maintains all your data in one central database.

The Pastel Evolution as a core product is feature-rich,  however the add-on modules make it a truly revolutionary ERP software solution. Pastel Evolution Accounting and all add-on modules within the Evolution range are all subject to an annual renewal fee.

This business model provides you with a number of important benefits including: seamless updates and upgrades that do not require the assistance and services of potential expensive consultants


10 Reasons to try our Advance Pastel Add-On Applications for Evolution:

Job PRO / Job Costing SoftwareJob Pro If you are a SME make-to-order or contract manufacturer in search of improved efficiencies on the shop-floor, and wanting a Job Production Costing & Planning solution…

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"Chart of Unisource Logistic Management Software"Logistics Mgmt designed to assist the warehouse manager with the logistic challenges of controlling the load-weight per delivery van to printing a consolidated delivery schedule by area…

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Picture of Barcode Solutions

Barcode solutions that or which are highly integrated to our supported ERP product range and well endorsed by our product vendors…

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B2B & EDI GatewayB2B Gateway makes all of these acronyms disappear and allow you to focus on your business. We will allow your ERP system to talk to other ERP Systems…

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"Unisource Supplier Recon Manager"

Supplier Reconciliation Manager is a scalable Supplier Reconciliation tool allowing work concurrently on multiple Supplier Recon batches.

"Supplier Prices Upload"

Supplier Prices Upload Portal is a tool diminishes the current challenges with updating supplier price lists …

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Document Workflow ManagerDocument Manager is document management software that permits you to design and track a Document Workflow according to each deptartment’s requirements.

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Production Scheduling IllustrationProduction Scheduler is production scheduling software which enables your personnel to easily create, view, modify and sequence production.

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Bulk Statements ManagerBulk Statements Manager is a flexible and scalable and intelligent Statements processing tool that reduces your debtor payment cycle. your client can now receive PODs related to the invoices on the his statement


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20 Years in BusinessOur software development is custom geared towards your specific needs, from application re-engineering, add-on enhancements to bespoke software developed fron the ground-up…

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