Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning

A Cost Effective Solution for Manufacturing Resource Planning

Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software seamlessly integrates with Pastel Evolution Accounting for centralised control and a cost-effective ERP solution. Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning software addresses the critical issues in your manufacturing process. Click tabs below to learn more about what makes Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning software unique.


Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) Works Orders Setup
Work in Progress control (WIP) Production Scheduling
Material Requirement Planning (MRP and MRP II) Lot / Serial Tracking

Precision-Driven Manufacturing Resource Planning Solution

Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning Software addresses all the critical issues in the production process:

  • Allowing you to set multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) recipes which set the standards against which Works Orders are measured.
  • The systematic Works Order Routing structure allows for the effective co-ordination of production tasks.
  • The full Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Module reduces stock-outs and ensures that materials are always readily available for production.
  • Optimise your time and resources with Xperdyte’s interactive Production Scheduling Calendar.

Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning Software achieves true marginal costing by classifying all costs as either Fixed or Variable and grouping them into the following categories:

MRP Software with Pastel Integration

Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning Software is an advanced manufacturing solution for Pastel Evolution ERP Software and takes full control of the Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Modules. Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning software extracts the raws materials from Pastel Evolution and takes control of the calculation of the Standard and Actual costs throughout the production process. Xperdyte Manufacturing then returns the finished items into Pastel Evolution at the Standard cost, any variation between the Standard and Actual is posted to a manufacturing variance account. Pastel Evolution ERP and Xperdyte Manufacturing Resource Planning software will provide you with a cost effective solution for manufacturing resource planning.

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