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Job Production Management software for machine-shops, make-to-order or contract manufacturers.

Job production Management & planning software.  JobPRO is for the SME requiring make-to-order or contract manufacturing for his job production shop. JobPRO offers improved efficiencies on the shop-floor from activity-based-costing, job production management to job scheduling.

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Why JobPro’s job production management software?

If you are a small to medium-size (SME) make-to-order or contract manufacturer in search of improved efficiencies on the shop-floor, and wanting a Job production management & Planning solution that offers: 

  • A comprehensive Activity-based-Costing tool that allows you to manage the engineering changes your customers throw at you daily ;
  • Automation to your operation to accommodate growth and demanding customers ;
  • A Fully integrated solution to the back-office accounting and creates value for your company ;

Then our JobPRO production management software for production costing, management and planning is ideal for you. JobPRO production management is a intelligent activity-based-costing and planning software offering advanced functionality from estimating (using activity-based-cosintg), quotations, planning and job scheduling – fully integratd to your back-office accounting software.

How JobPRO differs from discrete manufacturing software …

job costing done by Job-shops is often not reliant on a standard bill-of-materials but more so on the work-centre activities. These work activities are different for each Job and Part requiring machining. No job is ever standard or the same mandating the engineer to make assessment of the repair and /or fabrication required.

JobPro production management software…

JobPro production management software is a flexible, scale-able and intelligent production planning and control system offering advanced functionality and value in the key areas of manufacturing and assembly. Though our JobPro production management software has been designed primarily to interface with the locally developed Accounting and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package Pastel Evolution ERP. The Business-2-Business module permits our JobPro production management software to interface with all of the best accounts packages, protecting investment in these systems.

JobPRO production management co-exists with your Accounts > Our JobPRO production management software is a flexible, scalable and intelligent production planning and control system offering advanced functionality and value in the key areas of manufacturing and assembly.  Albeit JobPRO production management software has been designed primarily to interface to the locally developed Accounting & ERP package – Pastel Evolution ERP – the Business-2-Business module permits JobPRO production management software to interface to the best of breed accounts packages, protecting investment in those existing systems.

Estimating & Quotations > The JobPRO Estimating & Quotations module allows you to prepare estimates for any repeat work, taking into account your suppliers’ product pricing (pulled from the database supplier-price-lists) or allowing direct entry latest product cost-price. Labour associated with each product-line can also be entered per line (or separately). Additional costs, such consumables as percentage of the material cost can also be entered. The potential profit is known per product-line, sub-assembly and assembly prior to submitting the quotation. 

Quotation can be produced directly from the Estimate(s), and the History-file permits loading previous estimates improving productivity and client response when preparing a quotation. The estimate information, the assemblies and products, is automatically available to the Production modules: as purchase orders, bill of materials (BOMs) – thus preventing double-entry and the proverbial ‘finger-problems’. Multi-level estimates can be re-calculated at click of a button as changes are made to the sub-assemblies, etc. Quotations can be designed to include your logo and company details.

Purchase Orders > JobPRO production management software generates purchase orders directly from the Estimates, whilst allowing you to determine what quantity should be satisfied from your inventory store with the remainder being purchased. The purchase order module allows full tracking of orders, highlighting outstanding and receipted material. Orders can be created by supplier, specific assembly or sub-assembly and tracked on that basis as well. Given that this functionality is provided by a best breed ERP practice this module addresses all the needs of SME and large organisations.

Materials Control & Documentation > The raison d’etre of the ShopFloor is to give the production manager global view and control of the manufacturing process at all times, knowing where on the shop floor the job is at any point in time. 

Shop floor documentation is issued with job, technical drawings can be attached, BOM listings printed together with manufacturing instructions. Each Job or works order will include:

  • Job Number, delivery date, client details
  • BOM listing
  • Job instructions
  • Tooling list
  • Sub-contractor documentation

Activity tracking can be manually updated or automatically updated via bar-code readers on the shop floor.

Shop Floor Activity Data Capture – bar coding technology > With bar-code readers Jobs are scanned as they progress across the shop floor, each Operation / Activity is tracked from Start to Finish rendering the actual time taken for each of the operations and these times are immediately linked to the respective job in the Job Costing module thus reflecting the true cost of labour.

Activity Tracking on Shop Floor

JobPRO Production Management

JobPro production management software Benefits

“One of the biggest benefits from the deployment of JobPro production management software / Fabrication software is the level of efficiency it introduced to our business – it moved us to the next level in processing customer orders, work flow, costing, scheduling and inventory control. This enabled us to reduce our costs by half in less than one year”.

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