Pastel Evolution Resolve

Unisource sets your Business in action with Resolve.

Pastel Evolution Resolve is a compelling business action administration framework. Pastel Evolution Resolve’s adaptability permits you to characterize procedures as a “business movement.” Traditionally, the in vogue term given to tracking client identified exercises is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Tracking supplier identified actions is frequently called “Supply Chain Management.” These and different procedures all fall under the ambit of Pastel Evolution Resolve.

All too regularly, a director’s primary concern is money related qualified data. Pastel Evolution Resolve takes administration programming to the following level by furnishing categorical control over action based qualified data. Pastel Evolution Resolve’s purpose develops far past just providing details regarding supplier and client identified actions. Any issue that happens in a business, and is imperative enough to be tracked, is recorded as an episode in Pastel Evolution Resolve. This permits you to track a history of occasions as they happen, as far once again as you wish.

There are two versions of Evolution Resolve:

  • Evolution Resolve Basic contains basic incident tracking.
  • The full version, Evolution Resolve Premium contains more advanced features.

Evolution Resolve Basic might be utilized as a part of conjunction with the heart Pastel Evolution Accounting framework and Evolution Resolve Premium might be acquired as a stand-apart from everyone else feature. 

Key Features of Pastel Evolution Resolve

  • Incident Tracking
  • Incident Graphs
  • Escalations
  • Workflows
  • Knowledge Base
  • Reports
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Business Gateway (add-on module to Evolution Resolve)

Optimise Business Operations

The utilisation of the MS-SQL database makes Pastel Evolution Resolve adaptable, supporting a unlimited number of simultaneous users. Pastel Evolution Resolve is extraordinary in that it takes the notion of accepted Contact Management and weaves it into the bookkeeping nature, taking CRM to an additional level.

Accounts and Administration You are able to track record questions, faxes and episode history joined to both clients and suppliers. message any report to any client and keep a history record. Append noteworthy archives to client and supplier records for fate correspondence. Piece clients for non installments and start a Workflow for liability accumulation.

Informative data Management Utilize the Knowledge Base office to save often times made inquiries and documentation of perplexing issues and methods. This spared you the time to impart skill opposite your business. You are able to venture any passage to recognize a record or an item archived as time passes. Append and message Knowledge Base Articles within seconds to clients and suppliers. Track qualified information asks for by joining Articles to Incidents and report them for regular inquiries.

Contract Management Make different contracts for each client and track every contract by its sort. Administer your client associations by making user-outlined fields that take into account supplemental informative data particular to your business necessities. Contracts can have a plainly described cost for each contract. Piece contracts for non-installment and charge as needs be for each occurrence.

Underpin or Call Centre Management Administer your associations with clients and suppliers by tracking unlimited Incidents for every customer/supplier and by operating numerous open issues. Client questions should be determined on time, unfailingly. Utilize the Escalations emphasize to guarantee power in the call focus. Track episodes for every Service Level Agreement or different Support Contracts and investigate them as needs be. Graphically see all Incidents and their status for every Agent (user).

Yearly Renewal Fee

Pastel Evolution Resolve is subject to a yearly renewal charge. This business module furnishes various essential profits incorporating: Updates and overhauls, first line telephonic and message uphold. The necessary yearly recharging is payable on the commemoration date of enlistment of the provision.

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Pastel Evolution Resolve solutions that are simple.

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