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We offer Barcode solutions that or which are highly integrated to our supported ERP product range and well endorsed by our product vendors, so you can feel confident that we have the expertise to look after your critical business requirements. By Going Beyond the Product our Barcode solutions are proof of the added value we bring to your Goods Receiving, Dispatching or Stock-Take business processes. Our professional consultants will help you deploy Barcode solutions that are simple, powerful and low-cost and which can be implemented within a short period of time. Click tabs below to learn more about what makes Unisource Barcode solutions unique.

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Why Barcode solutions?

All companies are looking for more accurate and cost effective ways of moving, controlling and tracking their stock. As the industry adopted the standard that anything that has a barcode should be scanned, businesses have become a lot more selective in their approach to deploying bar-code solutions within their warehouses. 

Barcode Modules


The Barcode Receiving Module caters for the receiving of stock based on the ERP system’s purchase orders and caters for the “catching” of over delivery on purchase orders thus eliminating the need for continuous credits back to the supplier. Where needed the software will allow for over delivery based on user access and default settings.

  • User never has to key in document numbers.
  • Quantity scanned automatically matched back to purchase order.
  • Reduced errors

Pick and Pack (Dispatching)

The the Barcode - Dispatching Module will now have this happening automatically, the user does not need to go and look for picking slips, they will appear on his screen. Scanning of the products will automatically update the ERP system with the verified quantities and an additional process can even be added based on settings to allow for a dispatch confirmation step before the invoice leaves the door.

Stock taking in Action

The Barcode Stock-take Module will now be a simple process of scanning products which will automatically be verified back to the ERP system for confirmation.

  • No more incorrect capturing of counted items
  • Reduced time for stock takes
  • More accurate stock takes

ERP Barcode Benefits

Our Barcode solutions provide business with a cost effective and easily deployed solution that caters for the receipting, pick and pack line (dispatch) and stock take functionality making use of the current ERP processes, thus eliminating lengthy process reviews and changes to the business. This in turn reduces cost and provides quick implementation turn-around. Our Barcode solutions range from Product Receiving, Warehouse Dispatching to Stock-take Processing, all integrated to the ERP package.

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Barcode solutions that are simple.

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