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Benefits of implementing HR technology

Any HR management system should offer you a number of fundamental operational benefits designed to ensure a rapid payback and generate real, long-term value. It should:

  • Provide your team with the essential technology tools that other departments take for granted.
  • Fully integrate across personnel, recruitment, training and payroll management to eliminate re-keying and ensure data accuracy.
  • Create a single data repository to hold information on your employees’ skills, training, qualifications and career development – to improve operational visibility and optimise resource allocation.
  • Provide advanced reporting tools to help you keep the board informed and happy.
  • Promise you fast Return On Investment (ROI) – and have the real-life facts and figures to prove it.

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Benefits of buying a latest-technology solution

Historically HR software solutions have a reputation for being very dictatorial. They force you to work in ways that do not necessarily suit your organisation’s unique structure. They are also built on last century’s technology, which often prevents true integration and inter connectivity and the huge time-saving and flexibility benefits it offers your team. The solution you choose should:

  • Provide web-services to your users with access to the data they want anytime, anywhere.
  • Follow commonsense, sequential HR processes to really streamline working and improve team productivity.
  • Allow rapid customisation to match your particular organisational structure and processes – thus directly aiding, rather than hindering, users.
  • Let you report with up-to-the-minute accuracy, across departments – in an instant.
  • Provide wizards and clear navigation elements to help even the least IT-literate users and temporary staff to get what they need from the system, without you spending vast time and money on training.
  • Ensure business continuity via a simple implementation – with an efficient and customer-focused model of project management to give you fast Return On Investment with minimal disruption.
  • Dovetail implementation with a bespoke training plan to ensure that users are already up-to-speed when the system goes live.
  • Provide users with simple development tools that allow them to adapt the system to meet changing departmental needs without having to call in IT.
  • Help you take advantage of the power of the Web for externally focused tasks such as recruitment – helping you cut costs, save resource and secure the best people.

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Benefits of investing in Intranet Self-Service

Many HR departments have inherited processes that don’t necessarily make sense in today’s lean, cost-conscious, Return On Investment – driven business environment. Intranet Self-Service is the antidote. It should:

  • Simplify the maintenance and management of your HR systems by giving employees and managers direct access to personnel data.
  • Streamline the approval process and keep it within each department so that HR isn’t constantly distracted by employee requests.
  • Ensure best-practice by enabling employees and managers to amend data, according to pre-defined process and security protocols.
  • Give employees desktop access to their own career data to keep them inspired, motivated and in control.
  • Give managers the tools and personnel information they need to develop their department’s skills strategically and pro-actively.

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