Service Level Agreement

SLA - Service Level Agreement

Any competent and professional service provider will back the provision of services by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We take great pride in the level of service we provide and a core ethic value promoted and enforced by management is to assure you, the client, with the sort of service we expect from our suppliers: responsiveness, reliability and Beyond the Product know-how.

Service Level Agreement Responsiveness

Our contracts cater for various options, when it comes to the turn-around time response to you, call logged with our Helpdesk – from 8 hours to 4 hours to being on stand-by.

Service Level Agreement Reliability

With Every site visit our consultants will perform a backup of your system (with permission ) and these are secured at our premises on our backup server

Beyond Product Knowledge

In the fast pacing and ever changing world of business it has become evident that just relying on business processes and system know-how is simply not enough. Using time tested and proven methodologies with consulting experience we will guide you through the maze of business processes and system processes allowing you to see what is possible and how your business and system processes can work together to keep your business miles ahead of the competition. We guarantee you a consultant no matter what the circumstance – all our consultants are trained on all products, such is our dedication to product knowledge, even the directors will make available time – no exceptions!

Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement defines our service promises to you, it permits a visible and quantifiable measure of the service level(s) promises we make to you

Discounted Fees

By signing up for an Service Level Agreement you are afforded a discounted service-fee making it more cost-effective than logging an ad-hoc call for support

Priority of Service

The Service Level Agreement also guarantees priority of service – without a Service Level Agreement you go to the end of the awaiting-service queue