Sage Pastel Training

The Sage Pastel Training Academy

We have a fully accredited Sage Pastel Training Academy where our certified lecturers apply a hands-on approach. Our lecturers are undoubtedly certified having both a Consultant as well as Sage Pastel Training Certifications. No Lecturer is permitted to give sage pastel training unless they have had field experience, out in the real world interacting daily with Users and Customers, and are thus aware of the daily business challenges users are confronted with. This enables them to answer the trainee’s question more efficiently and diligently whenever or wherever.

Our Sage Pastel Training Philosophy

What makes us different from other training centres or academies, is that in our sage pastel training we Go Beyond the Product. Our Philosophy is to render Sage Pastel Training training in a context that addresses your unique business processes and needs. To meet this goal we first ensure that we have attained a good understanding of your business process. We realize the success of your ERP / Accounting systems implementation are very much dependant on the success of the Preparation of your loyal staff.

On-Demand Sage Pastel Training

These days Certification is becoming a requirement for many and the demand for certified professionals has dramatically increased. Sage Pastel Training courses and certification will allow you to truly get to grips with the ins and outs and complexities of ERP & Accounting processes.

On-Site Sage Pastel Training

Our services have no limits or boundaries so wherever you are you can count on us to train you. You can come to us for Instructor led Sage Pastel Training or we can come to you. Our Sage Pastel Training courses are hands on enabling the trainee to actively take part in step-by-step procedures for each scenario. Our lecturers instil everlasting user confidence and give a great deal of attention to each individual on practical training.

Our services have no limits or boundaries so wherever you are you can count on us to deliver quality Sage Pastel Training…