Implementation Methodology

RapidDeploy - Implementation Methodology

Business change strikes you from many directions – organic growth, consolidation, intensifying competition,  rationalisation and re-focus of goals. But whatever the reason, change is inevitable and your enterprise business solutions must keep pace.

Our Implementation Methodology, RapidDeploy provides a framework that helps you keep your business software current in a coherent way. Under the direction of our experienced project managers, our proven, RapidDeploy methodology enables you to implement new ERP and Accounting  solutions quickly – on time, on budget, and to the spec.

RapidDeploy covers the entire implementation lifecycle from system selection through to sign-off. The latter is core principle of the methodology and uncompromising.

We make every project phase fully transparent and provide complete cost and schedule control. RapidDeploy is a  unique implementation methodology ensuring you a worry free experience.


The RapidDeploy Implementation Methodology ensures that you can:

  • Control implementation costs and schedules during every project phase 
  • Reduce complexity and save time and money 
  • Have visibility of the project process & deliverable – making the nebulous & abstract concrete
  • Get a faster return on your investment

Implementation Methodology Plan                                                 

 The following are also regarded as critical success factors and we have built our reputation around them. 

  • The quality and soundness of our results driven implementation methodology / approach;
  • Our capacity to provide dedicated on-line support;
  • Our capacity to provide the right on-site skills at the right place and at the right time;
  • Our capacity to provide and be measured by strict service level agreements; 

Implementation Methodology for Business Systems Solutions

Sage and its implementation partners have a core philosophy of establishing long term partnerships with its clients.  This philosophy is reinforced through its structured approach to implementation of projects and ensures total client involvement throughout.

This ensures the complete involvement of our client’s critical resources.  In addition, the implementation partner recommends the use of a project manager to work in conjunction with either a client project manager or key personnel for the duration of the project for the following reasons: 

  • The long-term partnership philosophy is reinforced;
  • Shared responsibility and accountability;
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills;
  • Ability to leverage the client project manager’s organisation specific knowledge and expertise;
  • Ability to leverage the Project Manager’s product, service and methodology knowledge and expertise

The timeous allocation of personnel to projects is essential to ensure their availability, as resources are generally scheduled according to committed projects. Where consultants are required to wait for pre-determined input from the client during projects and are unable to continue with the required activities as a result thereof, their time will be charged at normal rates. This includes delays on the part of the client.

In order to optimise the success of this philosophy, a phased approach is often adopted for projects.  Detailed planning and project management, with a primary emphasis on deliverables and deadlines, has become core competencies for our implementation partners.

Typically the implementation process will proceed as follows, however certain steps or procedures might be superseded to meet clients requirements.  This structure may be viewed as a guideline to the proposed implementation.