Supplier Prices Upload Portals

Want a bird’s-eye view on all your supplier information?

Our Supplier Prices Upload Portals is effortless-to-utilize software, developed as a Web-based software application. Our Supplier Prices Upload Portals can immediately assist you in addressing the need/problems of procuring and maintaining vendor information. For the first time ever… you are able to fully control and manage your supplier associations. Built on the Pastel Evolution Framework (Accounting/ERP), our Supplier Prices Upload Portals permits your suppliers to upload their particular product information, supervise their particular records, and transact direct buys utilizing punch-out capacities (Punch-out is a technology that allows Supplier Prices Upload Portals to communicate directly with a vendor’s interactive e-Commerce site). Click tabs below now to learn what our Supplier Prices Upload Portals can do for your Business!

Are you relying on convenient, exact product information from your vendors?

The our Supplier Prices Upload Portals are simply a must for your enterprise… Think of it as avoiding those costly deferrals, mistakes, or different situations where that information can defer the entire product introduction, fury your clients, disillusion your channel partners, and even expose you to an unnecessary legal or regulatory action. 

  • Allow your vendors to securely upload product data, images, video, related assets
  • Validate incoming data against your business rules/policies
  • Support punch-out capabilities for direct purchase through supplier systems
  • Automate routing of vendor modifications for review and approval 
  • Manage vendor-specific promotional offers and rebate campaigns

Enable Supplier Prices Upload Portals Now!

You would be able to administer complete supplier information from an elevated level in the product information content administration vault. This guarantees that every thinking individual inside and outside your organisation is utilizing the same source of clean, validated product related information. Avoiding those pesky changes that know knew about… 

  • Three to 5 percent reduction in shelf out-of stocks
  • Two-week reduction in speed to market for new items – i.e., 14 extra days’ sales of faster-moving items
  • 10,000-30,000 hours saved in store labor  costs resulting from shelf-tag and scan errors
  • 5,000-10,000 hours saved in merchandising and data entry time dealing with new item introductions and updates
  • 1,000-2,000 hours saved in finance time dealing with invoice disputes related to basic item information

Source: A.T. Kearney, The Yankee Group

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Supplier Prices Upload Portals in the most Simplest way.

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