Logistics Management

Unisource Logistics Management (LM) software providing an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Unisource Logistics Management (LM) software is designed to assist the warehouse manager and the FD in managing the logistic challenges the business faces in providing an efficient and cost-effective service in the delivery of the merchandise to clients. Click tabs below to learn more about what makes Unisource Logistics Management (LM) software unique.

Logistics Management software an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our Logistics Management Software Suppressing the cost of delivery. Be that when the company utilizes its own trucks or when outsourcing to courier/freight service providers – Logistics Management software has become a critical factor influencing the ability of the company to sustain a profitable business operation.

POD Management – more and more clients are disputing delivery and the long turn-around in providing proof-of-delivery is resulting in long periods of outstanding payment.

Inefficient Warehouse Dispatching may jeopardize the profitability, delivery and quality of service experienced by the client. The warehouse manager requires the sort of Logistics Management tools that will offer the following advantages:

  • Integrated barcode scanning.
  • Courier Truck assignment to orders by AREA or ROUTE.
  • Warehouse management - consolidate the picking of the merchandise by AREA / TRUCK.
  • Delivery Management – permit driver manifestos; enquiries on outstanding deliveries.
  • POD Management - List the PODs received / not received.
  • POD Archiving - Fast-track a POD receipt & electronic archive – rendering e-mail possible.
  • Customer Service Portal – a self-service facility for client order inquiry.

Logistics Management software comes packed with Features.

Integrated barcode scanning (Bar-code IT) with Logistics Management software

  • Know the location of all products, services, and assets at all times – capture automatic time-stamps.
  • Measure performance metrics, such as duration of picking, dispatching, truck deliveries.

Courier truck assignment by Area / Route / Truck (Pick & Truck Dispatch)

  • Permit Orders & merchandise selection by Area / Route / Truck
  • List orders by courier / truck / area
  • Drivers / trucks – group/grouping orders as needed 
  • Orders can easily be transferred between drivers 
  • Include or exclude invoices / orders – e.g. exclude if insufficient space
  • Printing of Invoices by Truck /Area / Route

Consolidated Picking-List by Area / Route / truck (Pick & Truck Dispatch)

  • Consolidate product quantities on consolidated picking list.
  • Provide Driver Shipping manifesto (signature required).
  • Time-stamp truck departure.

Permit Enquiries by Courier / Truck (Pick & Truck Dispatch)

  • Invoices & merchandise Delivered and/or Not by respective Courier / truck.
  • Invoices awaiting delivery.

POD MANAGEMENT (Truck Delivery & POD)

  • Electronic signature capture – Provide indisputable proof of delivery or service by capturing signatures of both the driver and customer at the time of delivery, service, or point of transaction. 
  • Automatic time stamps – All driver activities automatically receive time stamps for signatures of both the driver and customer at the time of delivery.
  • Archive an electronic version of POD – without having to scan paper.
  • Render e-mail of electronic POD possible – quick & easy.
  • SMS(Short Messaging Service) notifications of order status.

Logistics Module & Back-end Integration (B2B)

  • Seamless data transfer from your back-end system to Logistics Management Module:
  • Customer data updates.
  • Sales Orders and / or Invoices.
  • Data imports/exports enable interfacing with other systems, allowing.
  • Logistics Management Module to serve as a central repository and reporting portal for the full life cycle of goods moving through enterprise.

Exception reporting/handling (Delivery Reporting & Analysis)

  • View all service exceptions and unscheduled activities by distribution center, route, or driver to quickly identify problems. 
  • Unsurpassed customer service – Provide customers with order status, send automated e-mail updates upon completion of delivery. 
  • Receive e-mail and / or SMS status notifications.

Reporting and ad-hoc queries (Doc Tracking)

  • End-to-end product tracking – Measure performance metrics, such as duration of picking, dispatching, deliveries, unloading from time of Pick to customer POD signature.
  • Conduct comparisons of planned vs. actual performance. 
  • Utilize reports to document operational compliance, and easily conduct adhoc queries, reports, and data mining with database views. 

Customer self service web-portal (Web-browser Order Enquirers)

  • Permits customer self-service enquiry track on order status
  • Receive e-mail and / or SMS status notifications
  • Efficient warehouse dispatching


  • Deliveries may be made in any sequence 
  • Drivers may group/grouping orders as needed 
  • Orders can easily be transferred between drivers

Logistics Management software

  • Logistics Management Software is efficient and cost-effective service in the delivery of the merchandise to clients.
  • Logistics Management Software allow less delivery disputes and faster proof-of-delivery causing quicker payment.
  • Logistics Management Software allow less Help desk support calls lowering cost.

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Logistics Management software solution that are simple.