Business Intelligence Karabina

Unisource has established a solid track record for the delivery of quality Business Intelligence initiatives.

Unisource provides a full spectrum of specific applied agile Business Intelligence (BI) solutions such as Financial, IT, Operational, GeoSpatial and others. We partnered with Karabina Solutions to connect people to process and technology.  This enables Business Insight, Customer Centricity, Collaborative Enterprise and Systems of Record Solutions. Our highly experienced consultant base is highly regarded in the market for their professional approach to solving business problems.  We partner with our customers to reach new heights in a manner that reduces the risks of taking the next step towards your personal and company’s successful. Yes Click tabs below to learn more about why Karabina Business Intelligence is for you.

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing

There are many times that business people need a reference for how something is calculated.  Questions like ‘What makes up that special number?, Why are we off target?, What other content can help me explain the variance?’ and so on. KARABINA Solutions specialises in helping people connect to data and knowledge, via the dashboards and annotations that are available in these dashboards, the documents connected to a metric and the “meta-data” relating to the metrics. Business Knowledge enables others to infer the actions to take by enabling a central repository of knowledge, where this is shared via tools like SharePoint. We believe knowledge combined with business wisdom, enables a business to take relevant action. Without action, the numbers become reports and diminish in use over time. Sharing this information on any device is included in this offering. If you need your report on an iPad or other Tablet devices, then it must be updated and readily available.

Accelerated Business Intelligence

Tired of it taking too long to get your warehouse up and running? Do you have an implementation of Pastel Evolution, Syspro, Dynamics AX, Nav or GP, SAP or similar ERP’s?  The promise of “single view of the truth” not being realised with the promise of fast In Memory tools? We have developed a set of Standard Adaptors and Data Models to get information out quickly and address the common reporting requirements for Sales, Finance, Inventory, Debtors, Creditors and Manufacturing. Karabina Solutions uses a set of Standard Industry Metrics to ensure that you manage all elements of your business, including over 45 KPIs addressing from standard stock turns to Working Capital Management. We then present this information in Excel, Excel Services, SharePoint, Strategy Companion and many other tools to enable business decision makers with relevant information to make informed business decisions. It’s not about the data; it’s what you do about it. A motto we believe in at KARABINA Solutions. These solutions have given many of our clients the ability to claw back valued cash into the business where this can be used for other initiatives such as growth or improving operational efficiencies. We don’t have to come in and ask those irritating questions “so what are you looking at achieving?” or trying to figure out your data models and wasting time. It’s about getting the right information to the right people to enable the decisions to bring back efficiencies into the business.

Data Quality Audit

Just how bad is your data? Which fields, what coverage and where should you focus to improve data quality in the business? The Data Quality Audit provides a starting benchmark for data quality. The process involves taking as much data, identifying the fields and leveraging tools in SQL Server such as Data Profiler and reporting the results in PowerPivot and other models. From this, we can then track the improvement of data quality as a result of a Business Intelligence or any intervention that has changed the business. This is also a great approach to understand where specific departments are causing data integrity challenges, where training is required and ensuring that processes are improved.

Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

Whether you are looking for standard Reporting Services reports, Analytics in Performance Point Services, Strategy Companion, XLCubed or specialist Business Intelligence discovery tools, KARABINA Solutions provides expert skills and ensuring that reports and analytics are leveraged via the tool the users most prefer. Yes, this includes using Excel Services and Excel off of Standard Analysis Services Cubes. Why fight with the most used and accepted technology in the market, Excel. Excel 2010 and the new versions of Excel Services in SharePoint 2010 make this an easy to build a deploy solution for many clients. Because KARABINA Solutions is the most certified Microsoft Business Intelligemce partner, we are closely aligned with any new technology and driving solutions via the latest technology set. This is demonstrated by our in depth knowledge of the platform and some new tools like the new version of PowerPivot and Power View.

Financial Business Intelligence

The team in finance are burdened with many aspects of reporting, planning and managing the critical financial information for a business. This team is typically burdened with complex excel spread sheets, models and disconnected systems. Our offering rationalises the platform into a standard set of models for the “Financial Warehouse”. We manage aspects of the Chart of Accounts ensuring that the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports can be built easily and maintained from a single source. Financial users are enabled with all aspects of drilling down, analysis, We then add the processes for Budgeting and Planning to assist the capturing and management of budget models. We leverage standard Excel tools like XLCubed for this purpose. Familiar interfaces with a managed Financial Warehouse make this a great addition to the Business Intelligence infrastructure from KARABINA Solutions.

Geospatial Business Intelligence

If you could geo-code your customers, branches, suppliers or potential transport routes, could this add value to your data? KARABINA Solutions has the unique capability to overlay your internal data with Geospatial data and also enrich this data with industry based data on LSM, Points of Interest, buying patterns and other data to allow you to check assumptions, plan and model your business whilst looking for interesting data patterns on maps.

IT Business Intelligence

Karabina Solutions has developed an industry leading solution to bring in IT assets, IT monitoring and uncover patterns in specific areas of your IT monitoring. This includes typical bottlenecks, server utilisation, memory/cpu and disk capacity monitoring, forecasting when servers or capacity is likely to be out of spec, when applications need more capacity to run and other such areas. KARABINA Solutions leverages manufacturing based data models for analogues, digitals and counters to bring together an IT Data Warehouse and Cubes with standard reports for IT to monitor their “manufacturing floor”. The IT Business Intelligence quick start for Systems Centre Operations Manager is called iSCOMBI and allows a fast implementation of the above data model where the Microsoft Ops Manager has been installed.

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Karabina Business Intelligence solutions that are simple.