Production Scheduling & Control software

Production Scheduling – Easily create, view, modify and sequence production activities

The Production Scheduling software of JobPRO enables the production manager / foreman and the work-centre Artisan to easily create (foreman only), view, modify and sequence the production work-centre activities.

The benefits of the Production Scheduling module are immediately evident on the shop-floor by the foreman and the artisans as the the latter are able to view the list of their work-centre activities on their shop-floor workstation are able to assign the next Activity to a groups of work-centres.

Production Scheduling by work-centre

The production scheduling module provides your production manager with powerful tools which can be used to optimize in real-time work loads across work centers. Scheduling can be optimized with custom filters and advanced planning functions to programatically arrange your work requirements based on your custom criteria and constraints. Activities can be scheduled per work order (Job) and Operator / Artisan .

Activity control, tracking and timing by work-centre / artisan

The production manager or shop-floor foreman can schedule and allocate the activies to an operator and / or work-centre machine. Each Operator then receives a view of his work-centre Activities and can then fire the Start, Pause and Stop of each Activity thus rendering an ACTUAL time and cost per activity .  The production scheduling software will track & time each activity thus permittign an actual versus estimate comparison . Before the start of Activity the Artisan can view associated engineering schematics and run a check-list of actions before ‘STARTing’ the activity.

Production Scheduler Benefits:

  1. Decreased change over time
  2. Labor load levelling
  3. Increased production efficiency
  4. Faster time-to-market
  5. Inventory reduction
  6. Accurate delivery date quotes

Quick Schedule Advanced Planning Software

Our capacity planning software utilizes pattern recognition to programatically create production scheduling opportunities which might not be apparent without this view into the data. Our configurable capacity planning software can help your scheduling department organize work loads based on custom manufacturing and business constraints. Some examples of common constraints include.

  • Equipment availability
  • Promise Dates
  • Production rates
  • Labor availability
  • Product characteristics
  • Product equipment relationships
  • Raw material availability
  • Inventory levels
  • External indexes
  • Process steps
  • WIP

Changeover costs Unisource production scheduling software gives you the confidence to commit delivery dates to your customers by creating an accurate delivery plan that coordinates all of your manufacturing resources; machinery, workers, materials and tools. The production scheduling software is also very customizable. If you have a need for a complex scheduling routine our engineers can create a great solution for you using Quick Schedule as a base.

Purchase options In addition to offering software that can be installed on your internal servers, Unisource offers application-hosting. We can host your custom application on our servers for a simple, low monthly fee reducing software, hardware and support requirements.

System requirements The Unisource production scheduling module can be used on any Microsoft Windows PC running 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista / Windows 7.

Adding options All of the Unisource solutions start with a simple base module. Unisource then allows you to pick and choose the options that will make the most sense for your requirements. This approach ensures that your users will get an interface that is easy to understand. It enables us to offer a smooth installation because your users will not be subjected to functionality that is not pertinent to your needs. In addition, you pay only for the installed functionality.

Customization Unisource production scheduling can be integrated with your existing systems and tailored to your specifications. We can do this for you or your IT personnel can do the work.

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Production Scheduler solutions that are simple.

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