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FlowCentric your most trusted BPM Solution

FlowCentric Technologies is a trusted Business Process Management (BPM) Solution. The FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) framework offers both quantitative and in addition qualitative profits to business users. FlowCentric procedures can have a straight effect on the topline and main concern of any organisation, hinging on which processes are mechanized and where they are achieved.

What is Business Process Management (BPM) ?

Improves Process Efficiency

The FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) framework ties as one unit the exercises of a methodology and executes the methodology from begin to finish. Thus, work moves from one work area to an additional without the agent of the assignment expecting to pull the work from antecedents or produce the work to successors hence term workflow. FlowCentric workflow application software sends warnings, alarms, and memos as the work is apportioned to the related individuals. The FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) framework can raise work to chiefs (management workflow) and reroute presently allocated work to a different individual in the event of postponements. Prepare administrators can genius-actively take restorative activities and maintain defers or exemptions. FlowCentric business workflow software can even computerize work, dispensing with requirement for manual intercession. The FlowCentric workflow software minimizes defers and holding up time, enhancing technique proficiency.

Transform Standardisation is Ensured

The FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) system guarantees that each event of the procedure is executed precisely as characterized. There is never any deviation among several events of the same methodology.

Handle Control is Improved

Handle administrators can effortlessly track and screen the status of procedures being executed. The FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) system can look after a review log of each alteration in the status of the movement, within the method and the activities of the agents.

Handle Improvement is Facilitated

Prepare supervisors can effectively screen procedure exhibition, they are able to question and break down procedure information to recognize and take out business prepare issues. Transform chiefs can take curative movements if there are any methodologies that need upgrade or streamlining.

Ideal Use of Resources is Ensured and Productivity is Improved

FlowCentric Business Process Management software can organise, agenda and circulate work dependent upon procedure parameters for example agent aptitudes, accesibility, workload, necessity record et cetera. The framework produce work to workers, so staff parts can invest more time on actions that add esteem to the ensemble, as opposed to doing useless work like getting, considering or prodding archives and work to the following representative. FlowCentric Business Process Management software recognizes and utilises assets optimally while upgrading gainfulness.

FlowCentric designed with the business user in mind.

15 FlowCentric Benefits - Business Process Management

A single solution to manage the complete scope of process requirements.

Organisations are continuously looking for a simple, yet highly effect way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, particularly in the vigorously competitive corporate environment. Business Process Management (BPM) is a management discipline, which requires organisations to shift to a process-centric way of thinking rather than the traditional functional business structures. The advantage of this approach is the ability to adapt business processes as business requirements change, consequently optimising process agility. Managing this agility requires a unique set of business tools to define, configure, deploy, and maintain all real-time business processes.


  • Empower lower level management and staff without sacrificing control
  • Enforce compliance to business rules, policies and procedures
  • Provide preventative rather than detective controls (build the control into the process)
  • Conform to legislative requirements
  • Enforce segregation of duties
  • Manage documents and records as part of the process
  • Provide transparency in the processes with full audit trail

Operational Processes Management

  • Automate flow-diagrams to executable processes
  • Ensures consistency and standardisation across multiple business units
  • Enforce internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Provide easy-to-use web-based user screens
  • Improved internal communication and collaboration with notification and escalation
  • Reduce “lag time” in processes
  • Management can track process progress
  • Ability to track and improve on customer issues
  • Improved product and service quality
  • Scale processes across the enterprise 
  • Process Improvement and Optimisation
  • Identify process improvement opportunities by analysing historical process data
  • Monitor processes on real time basis to identify issues, bottlenecks and performance
  • Create and manage “Process Performance Indicators” and include in a business scorecard


  • Integrate disparate business applications into a single view for the user
  • Use FlowCentric iDapters for rapid application integration
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure
  • Update external applications with improved validation, security and control
  • Link business systems with process logic rather than user behaviour

Other Benefits Include:

  • Improved communication
  • Promotes process innovation
  • Minimum change management and training requirements
  • Improved employee morale
  • Provides unbiased performance measurement of process maturity within a business
  • Helps to identify improvement opportunities

Our professional consultants will help you deploy Business Process Management solutions that are simple.

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