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Want to facilitate productivity increase & increase profits?

Unisource Document Manager is Document Management Software with Document Workflow that permits you to make a Workflow according to your present work courses of action. It additionally offers a combined set of devices for filtering, indexing, seeking, securing, imparting and reviewing. Click tabs below now to learn what our Document Manager (Document Management Software) can do for your Business!

Why our Document Management Software software?

Unisource Document Manager (Document Management Software) Software is a simple automation tool for directing documents and tasks to the responsible users in a business process for further actions. It provides information and support for each step of the process and business cycle. Materials and documents pertaining to the process may either be physically transferred from one user to the next, or they may be maintained in a database or server with access given to the appropriate users at the appropriate time. In this system alarms and triggers can also be set to alert executives and process owners when the tasks are overdue. This automated system of operations ensures that work is moved through the system in a timely fashion and is processed correctly by the appropriate users.

Document Management Software Key Benefits…

  • Documents can never be lost or lost.
  • Documents can unfailingly be sent on to the opportune individual. Along these lines, disposing of the shots of sensitive/confidential information being emitted.
  • Lower risks of the Task/Project not being finished in the stipulated time.
  • Labour prerequisite can be diminished.
  • Time and also cash can be recovered.
  • Productivity increases mean increased profit.

Document Management Software Key Features…

  • You can use Unisource Document Manager (Document Management Software) workflow to automate the routing of documents as per the current business processes of your organisation.
  • You can do this by creating and assigning tasks using logical and rule based procedures that are similar to those used by your organization to do the same task in real life scenario. 

Our professional consultants will help you deploy a Document Manager (Document Management Software) solution that’s simple.

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